Film and video

DSLR shooting for all your multimedia needs from weddings to corporate events. Moving timelapses, indoor interviews, adventurous outdoor action shots, GoPro shots, professional lighting,  and extreme wide-angle panoramas; no environment is too challenging! 

secrets of paris

DAVID KELLEY on Design Thinking

An interview with author, lecturer, and Stanford University professor David Kelley.

Exploring Traditions: South America Teaser 

A South American journey into the unexplored legends of lost cities and forgotten people. Filmed on location in South America.

Guardians of the Lost City of Gold 


Stranded in the Amazon...

Stranded in the Amazon... A massive rainfall hit us while we were in the Amazon causing the only road out to become impassible. The road itself zig zags through rivers, and with lots of water, what were once streams become dangerous rivers....and to make matters worse, it's getting dark. We ended up jumping on the back of motorcyclists with all our heavy gear and roughed it through! This was by far the most unexpected part of our entire trip in the jungle, and yet, it was the most fun!

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