High end audio for live and studio productions! 


  • Carvin 16-channel powered mixer and JBL speakers. 
  • Zoom H6 for live recordings of interviews, films, and small-band recordings.


  • Access to Tama drum set with Zildjian Armand 13" Hi-Hat & 20" Ride, Zildjian Avedis 16" Crash, Stagg Furia 8" Brilliant Medium Splash, Paiste PST 16" Thin Splash, DW 5000 Double Bass, Aquarian Bassdrum Head (Outside), and Remo heads.

  • Access to guitar amps, including Mesa Boogie Dual Rec. head and cab, Carvin cab, and various guitar pedals.
  • In-studio P.A., system (for rehearsal) and various amps.
  • Studio mics for recording including SM57 mics, overheads, and various Shure, AKG, Audix, and MXL microphones.
  • Presonus recording systems, headphone distribution, and preamps.
  • Full Recording, Mixing and Mastering.

Sonido Amazonico

A quick cover of me playing a Psychedelic Cumbia from the Peruvian Amazon. 

Accordion Polka Metal

Another quick cover of 'Slaget vid Blodsälv' by Finntroll.