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Lemurian Grove

Mission Statement: Lemurian Grove's mission is to bring to life and preserve fantastic memories and creations through photography, video, and audio recordings. 


Behind the name: The meaning behind 'Lemurian Grove' stems back to research I came across in newspaper archives. During the 1930's several books and articles were published regarding a supposed lost civilization that once existed in the Pacific Ocean. According to the authors, the inhabitants of that lost civilization fled into what is now the present day North America, and more specifically, around California. Furthermore, it was believed they held certain rituals up until fairly recently whereby mysterious lights would be seen from the tops of mountains. It was the thing of modern-day legend, however, one of these lights in particular was seen in the 1800's above the Santa Clara Valley until it disappeared for a period of 20 years when it was seen once again in the 1930's. The light being emitted was so bright it could be clearly seen from San Jose to the San Francisco Bay, which police believed was a signal light to moonshiners smuggling in liquor during the prohibition. The mysterious light was seen night after night in what is now present day Mission Peak. Police finally pinpointed the exact location of the light and led a search party up the mountain to the source of the light. It led authorities to an isolated dense grove far up in the mountain far from any person or electrical source. The grove itself was perfectly intact with not even a blade of grass trampled upon and there it remains to this day high above the Santa Clara Valley.

About me

My name is Fernando S. Gallegos and I am a fellow traveler, researcher, photographer, musician and adventurer from San Jose, California. 

From filming legends of lost cities in the Amazon to building large-scale audiovisual productions for the latest tech innovations of Silicon Valley, I have a passion for exploration and conveying new ideas. With years in the audiovisual industry I enjoy bringing to life unique perspectives and illustrating them cross-culturally. What started out as a passion over 15 years ago has now become a career. 

I currently work as an Event Support Technician at LinkedIn where I work under the Media Operations team setting up meetings and performing various functions within the audiovisual sphere. My primary responsibility consists of maintaining Video Conferencing systems and providing technical support for both back and front-end system interfaces. Other functions include technical camera and audio operations for various company-wide productions.


Previously, I spent several years as an Event Technology Specialist where I organized audiovisual productions from small in-house meeting venues to larger conventions and expos throughout the Bay Area. I was then promoted to Lead Technician, whereby I took on additional managerial roles. I was responsible for various high-end production show builds from Google to Oracle. 

Within my AV production background I operated as a freelance technician maintaining both live and in-studio productions over the years and also became familiarized with multimedia/social media marketing including, but not limited to, website design, video creation/editing, mass communication expertise in blogging, Youtube, and Facebook marketing and promotion. 

Lastly, in my spare time I am writer, researcher, published author, and lecturer specialized in esoteric and anthropological study. I currently maintain a B.A. in both Anthropology and Behavioral Science from San Jose State University.



Stay up to date with my travels and writings via my blog website, Exploring Traditions! I cover a wide array of subjects from esoteric cultural practices to expeditions alongside multimedia production shoots. Due to the popularity of my blog I have been interviewed on various podcasts as well as for television series opportunities on National Geographic, and Discovery channel. My travels and photography were most recently used in a Forbes article entitled, "How the Discovery Of Paititi, The Lost City Of Gold, May Change Peru Forever.” Be sure to subscribe and follow me on my adventures!